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GNSS Data Collection

GNSS data collection


    Our GNSS data collection seriescan be setto various modes based on the project requirements.The built-in highprecision main board includestiming and switching cycle functions to ensurethat positioning and other related information can be collected accurately forthe pre-set points. It is suitable for high-end vibration and displacementmonitoring applications insevere conditions, such as dams, bridges, mountainsand high-rise buildings.

Technical Index

Frequency Range

GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS L1/L2/L5(BeiDou) B1/B2/B3(Optional)

Data sampling Frequency

1HZ, 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz(Optional)



Input/Output format




Data information record

Built-in storage capacity:1GB

SD card capacity can be extended

Position accuracy

Static modeLevel≤2.5mm, Elevation≤5.0mm;

Static mode initialization time

less than 10 minutes;

KinematicmodeLevel ≤10mm,Elevation≤20mm ;

Initialization reliability:Generally, more than 99.9% support for long baseline calculations.

Working voltage andpower consumption

DC Input 12-24V

AC Input 220V

Average power consumption≤4W

Each channel output current


Voltage: 5VDC

Structural characteristics

Working environment

Storage temperature


Operating temperature



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